The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
The SONU Sleep System
What's Included

100 Night Trial

Try out a SONU risk-free at home. We're certain you'll be in awe when you immerse yourself in comfort, but if somehow you're not, we'll come and get it and give you a refund. For details visit the 100 Night Trial page.


SONU Sheet SetFREE$249 Value for King

Every SONU comes with a set of custom white sheets designed to fit the Comfort Channel of your new mattress. For additional details and colors visit the SONU Sheets page.


The Patented SONU Comfort Channel

The only mattress that allows your arms and shoulders to fully immerse into the bed, made possible by the Comfort Channel.


The Support Pillows

Each SONU Sleep System comes with 4 Support Pillows that fill the Comfort Channel (2 for Twin XL). On top of these Support Pillows, at least one top pillow per sleeper is required. We recommend the SONU Top Pillow Deluxe as it is designed to work with the system.


Cooling Cover

Woven into the cover is a PCM, or phase change material, that ablates heat away from the sleeper, so it is cool to the touch and helps regulate temperatures throughout the night.


Premium Materials

At 14 inches deep and constructed from 26 pieces of premium high-resilience CertiPUR-USยฎ certified environmentally friendly foams, the SONU is durable and built to provide ideal support in all the right places.


Sink-In Support System

Enjoy full range of motion below the surface, while leveling the spine to enable a satisfyingly balanced comfort impossible to achieve on any other mattress.


Adjustable Head & Neck Layers

Change the resting height of your head to perfectly level your neck while side sleeping. Laterally malleable pillows allow consistent vertical support while accommodating relaxing space for shoulders and arms.


Channel Waterfall

Soft cover material flows seamlessly down into the Comfort Channel, ensuring all surfaces touched while sleeping are free of cover fabric joins to allow for an all encompassing smooth experience.


10 Year Warranty

Built in the U.S.A. to last, we guarantee the top quality materials and construction of every SONU.


Free Shipping

Your order includes shipping to anywhere within the continental U.S.
* Extra charge to ship to Alaska and Hawaii

Please note that The SONU Sleep System is not for children 12 years of age or younger. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

The SONU Sleep System
The Plush mattress is a 4 in firmness, while the Firm is an 8. Switch to the Firm
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Introducing the world's first mattress designed for side sleepers. Finally allow your arms to rest where they're meant to, so you can get the best sleep of your life. Show more...
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FIRMNESS The Plush mattress is a 4 in firmness, while the Firm is an 8. Switch to the Firm
or learn more...
Plush is ideal for sleepers who donโ€™t require extra support in the upper torso area. Select Firm if support in this area is more desirable.
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100 Day Trial
100 Day Trial
10 Year Warranty
10 Year Warranty
We're here to help.
Every Side Sleeper's Dream

Prepare for comfort you never thought possible. The SONU Sleep System reduces pressures in a way that will rejuvenate you every night. No other mattress even comes close.

The Comfort Channel

The patented Comfort Channel of the SONU Sleep System allows for the full range of motion of the shoulder and arms within the mattress, not just on top. Side sleepers benefit from not needing to roll over to relieve pressure on arms and shoulders constantly, resulting in sound sleep throughout the night.

A White triangle pointed to the right, much like the traditional 'Play' button for a video
A female sleeper with her arms and shoulders in the Comfort Channel of the SONU mattress with cream sheets.
The Support Pillows

The patented Support Pillows of the SONU are the key to the unique immersive support system. Each SONU has a stack of two layers of Support Pillows, and within each are individual layers particularly engineered to allow the pillow to be laterally malleable while maintaining ideal vertical support.

A White triangle pointed to the right, much like the traditional 'Play' button for a video
A male sleeper using his smart phone while being ergonomically supported in the SONU mattress with white sheets.
Sink-In Support

The SONU is designed to align the spine while side sleeping, enabling reduced tensions, better breathing and sound sleep throughout the night. This feat is accomplished by allowing the shoulders to immerse into the Comfort Channel, leveling the vertebrae in the neck and upper back, while supporting the upper torso, allowing the hips to sink in, leveling the vertebrae in the lower back.

A White triangle pointed to the right, much like the traditional 'Play' button for a video
3D rendering of all 26 foam parts of SONU Sleep System in an exploded view to show how it is built.
Upper Torso Relief

The gradating levels within the SONU have been engineered to support the upper torso, commonly the heaviest part of the human body, while allowing the shoulders and arms to immerse into the bed below, dramatically reducing the weight normally required by these areas to support the upper torso. The result is a truly unique level of comfort and an unforgettably relaxing sleeping experience.

A White triangle pointed to the right, much like the traditional 'Play' button for a video
3D rendering of side sleeper in SONU Sleep System with comfortably aligned spine glowing in green, and below a comparison with a side sleeper on a flat mattress with spine under pressure and glowing in red.
Performance Through Comfort
Professional athletes, health and fitness experts alike all rely on their SONUs to improve recovery, breathing and quality of sleep every night. The result is better rejuvenation and performance every day. Watch these featured reviews and see how SONU helps them all in different ways...
Photo of Pro Baseball Player Josh Jung


Professional MMA Fighter & UFC Champion
Photo of Pro Baseball Player Josh Jung


Professional Baseball Player For The Texas Rangers
Photo of UFC Champion Darrion Caldwell


Professional MMA Fighter & UFC Champion
Photo of Pro Football Player Dallin Leavitt


Professional Football Player For The Raiders & Packers
Photo of Pro Wakeboarder Parks Bonifay on a lake


Professional Wakeboarder & Red Bull Sports Legend
Photo of Pro Basketball Player Natalie Achonwa


Professional Basketball Player & WNBA Star
Photo of Pro Baseball Player Vance Honeycutt


Professional Baseball Player For The Texas Rangers
Photo of Pro Surfer Rob Kelly holding his prize trophy belt


Professional Surfer & Cold Water Adventurer
Photo of Pro Skateboarder Chris Cole with his trophy


Professional Skateboarder & Action Sports Champion
Photo of Pro Snowboarder holding his Red Bull Heavy Metal Trophy


Professional Snowboarder & Red Bull Champion
Photo of Pro Baseball Player Paul Blackburn holding mitt and throwing pitch


Professional Pitcher & All-Star Player
Photo of Pro Volleyball Player Kim Glass


Professional Volleyball Player & Olympic Silver Medalist
Photo of Pro Basketball Player Natalie Achonwa


2022 All-American & LSU Tigers Star
What Sets SONU Apart

Never before has a mattress enabled sleepers to fully immerse, eliminating pressure that has been unavoidable until now.

3D rendering of all 26 foam parts of SONU Sleep System in an exploded view to show how it is built.
3D rendering of side sleeper in SONU Sleep System with comfortably aligned spine glowing in green, and below a comparison with a side sleeper on a flat mattress with spine under pressure and glowing in red.
3D rendering of a couple spooning in the SONU mattress with their arm in comfortable, pressure free positions.
3D rendering of side sleeper holding smart phone with arm and hand ergonomically supported by the Comfort Channel of the SONU Sleep System.
Perfect Plushness
On a scale of 1 to 10 the SONU Plush mattress is a 4 in firmness, enabling luxurious cushioning comfort while providing support where needed, for a brilliantly balanced sleeping experience. For a firmer experience that bolsters support throughout, please view the SONU Firm mattress.
SONU Plush

Purchasing Is Easier Than Ever

  • $0No Money down*
  • $84/moFor 36 months*
  • 0% APR financing*
* Details on the Financing page...
Time to Sleep Like Never Before
Watch the videos below to learn how you're about to get the best night's sleep of your life.
Unmatched Side Sleeping Comfort
The SONU Experience
Life with a SONU
Game Changing Innovations
Real Customers, Real Reviews
Shoppers and their reviews verified by
Thank YOU! Best mattress out there.
โ€œAfter being a gymnast for 15 years, I haven't felt this much relief from the pain in my shoulders and my hips while sleeping!! Thank you!โ€
Steph C.
Highly recommended!
โ€œCreates the perfect space for your arm if you're a side sleeper. Changed the way I sleep forever.โ€
Justin S.
โ€œSo I actually own one of these. It's AMAZING. Yes it will take you a few weeks to get "used" to it... But that said, you will be AMAZED at how great your shoulders feel in the morning. Just unreal. Like sleep a full 8 hours without waking up type of sleep.โ€
Jason R.
Buffalo, NY
โ€œI have very bad neck and back issues and this mattress is a dream! If you are a side sleeper you will love it and even if you like to sleep on you back you will love it! Very comfortable and totally worth the money!โ€
Grace L.
โ€œi have suffered from shoulder pain while sleeping for several years, i had just about given up... then i saw this bed and decided one last try. i can't begin to explain what it feels like to sleep through an entire night... for the first time in 20 years the first weekend i had it. I'm so impressed with this bed... because what they are making is making a difference in people's lives.โ€
Crystal G.
Lives up to the hype
โ€œThis comfort channel they made is next level. I never imagined that I would be able to put my arm in the mattress. Takes all the pressure off my shoulder, which I so so need. YESโ€
Kim J.
Highly recommended!
โ€œIโ€™m a side sleeper and I used to wake up with a dead feeling arm from lying on it all night. Finally a mattress with a pocket for my arm. I tried all the pillows and even very expensive mattresses in the past, but nothing cured my circulation problems until I got the sonu sleep mattress. I love it!โ€
Nic D.
Chicago, IL
โ€œ...Sonu mattresses are in a league all by themselves. This is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I have no more shoulder pain and numbness. I can now sleep through the night and not wake up in pain. If anyone is even thinking about getting a Sonu sleep system donโ€™t think anymore. Pull that trigger. I 100% gaurentee you will not be disappointed.โ€
Christopher B.
Photo of the SONU Sleep System from the foot of the mattress with light and dark grey fabric on a black background.
Learn about the reasons we created this unique sleep system, how your old mattress falls short, and the game changing benefits that you'll enjoy every day with a SONU.
Read this informative article and others on our blog, Comfort & Slumber, by The SONU Editorial Team.
โ€œThe SONU mattress allows for dramatic improvement in ergonomic support, resulting in better sleeping patterns, and an increase in the patientโ€™s comfort and overall wellbeing.โ€
- Dr. James Hogan
Chiropractic Physician
Los Angeles, California
Read more about Dr. Hogan and how The SONU Sleep System can help you in the same ways as his patients.
Computer rendering of man with glowing red shoulder pain on blue background.
Photo of the SONU Comfort Insert Pillow in dark grey fabric on a black background.
The SONU Comfort Insert fills in one side of the Comfort Channel, making the SONU Sleep System more akin to a flat mattress, but still with give for your shoulders. This versatility can be helpful for many scenarios including couples who sleep differently from one another (e.g. a side sleeper and a back sleeper) and for those who simply prefer less space in the Comfort Channel.
SONU Social
โ€œOMG. I'm going to cry with joy!!! I am ordering this NOW!โ€
Facebook LogoJason R.
โ€œThis is the mattress of my dreams. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญโ€
Instagram Logo@angelareed05
โ€œI need this more than anything I've ever neededโ€
Facebook LogoStephanie B.
โ€œwhoever designed this needs a special place in heaven lolโ€
Facebook LogoAntuwan C.
โ€œMy shoulders start crying tears of joy when i seen thisโ€
Instagram Logo@jondoemrnobody
โ€œZach F. the perfect mattressโ€
Facebook LogoAli F.
โ€œI need this!!!!!! My arm hurts or is asleep every morning!!!!โ€
Facebook LogoRachel S.
โ€œJake - Game changer! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜โ€
Facebook LogoLewis E.
โ€œ@marc.munoz.77 Finally something for folks with broad shoulders who want to sleep on the side.โ€
Instagram Logo@mechkitten
โ€œGenius. Seriously what I've wanted.โ€
Facebook LogoHailey M.
โ€œOmg what a great idea. Now I can sleep on my belly without my arms all weird under me ๐Ÿคฃโ€
Facebook LogoKrissie S.
Awarded Best Mattress For Side Sleepers
The SONU Sleep System has been named
Best Mattress For Side Sleepers & Most Innovative of 2023 by The Sleep Doctor.
โ€œOur side sleepers loved the Sonu Mattress' innovative Comfort Channel and pressure-relieving foam layers. We noticed little to no pressure buildup in areas like the shoulders and hips.โ€
David Rubin
Certified Sleep Science Coach, Lead Product Tester and Side Sleeper, The Sleep Doctor
Traditional flat spring mattress with beige color against white background The SONU Sleep System mattress in light and dark greys against white background
Other Mattresses The SONU Sleep System
Pressure on Arms, Shoulders & Neck yes no
Immersive Support System no yes
Improved Breathing no yes
Pressure Relief no yes
Ergonomic Support no yes
Frequently Asked Questions
Contrary to what some might believe, the Comfort Channel is not conducive to numbness or tingling in your arm. When a body part โ€œfalls asleepโ€, as the saying goes, it is due to lack of circulation, or not enough blood reaching the body part. When your arm starts to tingle or loses feeling it is caused by a position you are in that is cutting off this necessary circulation that supplies oxygen to the nerves that run between your neck and your arm. Nerves have their own blood supply, so pressure on a nerve cuts off that blood supply and the nerve becomes starved for oxygen and shuts down. This happens often on traditional flat mattresses as you are forced to overextend your shoulders and arms into positions in which they are not meant to rest, which can cut off this circulation. While side sleeping on a flat mattress you are forced to apply unavoidable pressure on these body parts which results in the discomfort and lack of circulation that can cause this numbness. The SONU Sleep Systemโ€™s patented Comfort Channel design helps to greatly relieve these pressures on your arms, and with this relief comes improved circulation and reduced chances of numbness.

Some may look at the SONU design and believe that because your arms are below the rest of your body, you may have an increased risk of circulation issues or numbness. This is a common misconception, but is not the case - hereโ€™s why. Your arms are naturally below your heart when you are upright, walking or sitting, throughout the day. Your arms never tingle in this position because they are receiving the correct amount of circulation. The Comfort Channel enables your arms to also rest below your heart, as if you were upright, resulting in your arms receiving the correct amount of circulation โ€“ which actually reduces the chances of circulation issues or numbness, compared to flat mattresses. We have designed the Comfort Channel system with all of this in mind. You will be impressed at the elevated level of comfort and truly deep sleep you will enjoy on your SONU, enabled in part by the improvement in circulation your body will experience.

For more information about the causes of circulation issues and numbness while sleeping, please visit:
When we set out on this journey to create the worldโ€™s first mattress for side sleepers that incorporates groundbreaking innovations unlike anything else on the market, we had to fight against the grain in an industry that hasnโ€™t changed much in decades - all while battling dramatically increased cost of goods, shortage of labor and supply chain delays caused in large part by the pandemic. Other companies selling traditional flat mattresses that consist of only a few parts, buy low quality goods in bulk and manufacturer their products overseas, while incorporating corner-cutting processes into their production. By vast contrast, we create each SONU Sleep System by hand, as our design requires 26 custom components, top quality materials and the highest level of detail at which we hold ourselves as a brand. Every SONU is assembled by our skilled technicians in our factory in California, then thoroughly inspected before we package with care and FedEx to your door. This is why our products have a higher price than some others on the market โ€“ everything about SONU is entirely unique and of the highest quality โ€“ and you feel these incredible advantages every night when you immerse into comfort. You will discover that no other mattress even comes close.

Weโ€™ve partnered with the financing company, Affirm, to be able to offer attractive monthly payment options. If this is something youโ€™re interested in, it is good to note that Affirm extends your timeline and drops your monthly payment amount when your total is above $3,000. For example, if you select a queen size SONU and want to get our advertised $84 per month, then add an accessory to your cart (a Top Pillow Deluxe or our Mattress Removal option perhaps) so your total is just above $3,000 โ€“ then you will see the monthly payment price decrease. Once everything looks good, proceed by checking out and selecting โ€˜Affirmโ€™ when you get to the payment section.

We just know youโ€™ll be amazed with how our invention will transform your quality of sleep and rejuvenate you every night. We truly hope you join us and embark on a new chapter of comfort in your life.

Thank you so very much and sweet dreams,
The SONU Sleep Team

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We are currently shipping mattresses within 3 to 5 days! SONUs are made-to-order, so on occasion it may take a little more time to get to you, as theyโ€™re not sitting in a warehouse collecting dust. The mattress, once compressed, will ship directly to your door. You will be emailed a tracking number as soon as your order ships.
FedEx will deliver your SONU to your door, no signature required.
You can pair the SONU with any platform, box spring, bed frame or simply the floor, as long as the headboard area of the mattress is flush against a solid surface for support. We also highly recommend using an adjustable foundation.
Every SONUโ€™s height is 14 inches, while the width and length dimensions are the same as standard U.S. mattress sizes. The Comfort Channel dimensions describe the negative space in the mattress, while the Support Pillow dimensions describe a single pillow, of the 2 for Twin XL and 4 for Queen, King and Cali King, that are stacked in the Channel.

Twin XL
OVERALL: 38โ€ x 80โ€ x 14โ€
COMFORT CHANNEL: 30โ€ x 14โ€ x 10โ€
2 SUPPORT PILLOWS: 28โ€ x 11.5โ€ x 5.2โ€

OVERALL: 60โ€ x 80โ€ x 14โ€
COMFORT CHANNEL: 52โ€ x 14โ€ x 10โ€
4 SUPPORT PILLOWS: 24โ€ x 11.5โ€ x 5.2โ€

OVERALL: 76โ€ x 80โ€ x 14โ€
COMFORT CHANNEL: 68โ€ x 14โ€ x 10โ€
4 SUPPORT PILLOWS: 32โ€ x 11.5โ€ x 5.2โ€

Cali King
OVERALL: 72โ€ x 84โ€ x 14โ€
COMFORT CHANNEL: 64โ€ x 14โ€ x 10โ€
4 SUPPORT PILLOWS: 30โ€ x 11.5โ€ x 5.2โ€

Split King
OVERALL: 76โ€ x 80โ€ x 14โ€
2 COMFORT CHANNELS: 30โ€ x 14โ€ x 10โ€
4 SUPPORT PILLOWS: 28โ€ x 11.5โ€ x 5.2โ€

All dimensions above are in inches and formatted as follows: Width x Length x Height.
For more details visit our Size Guide page.
The SONU comes with a 100 Night Trial, so you can try it at home and decide if it's the right fit for you. If you don't love it, return it within 100 nights.

For more details visit the 100 Night Trial page.
The SONU is currently only available in the United States.
Designed To Work Together
The SONU Sleep System

It is finally time to immerse into comfort, and sleep like never before.

The SONU Sheets

Soft, cooling and sustainable, with the Comfort Channel built in to fit your SONU.

The SONU Top Pillow Deluxe

The perfect amount of support and malleability to complement your SONU.

Made In The U.S.A.
Image of the red, white and blue U.S. flag
The SONU Sleep System was designed and developed in California, and is manufactured only in the United States - made with the highest quality materials and attention to detail for side sleepers everywhere.
* The SONU Sheets, Support Pillowcases and Mattress Protectors are imported products. All other SONU products are made in the United States.
CertiPUR-USยฎ Certified
CertiPUR Logo
The SONU Sleep System mattress is CertiPUR-USยฎ certified, which means it is environmentally friendly and approved as a safe household product.
Comfort and Confidence. Certified flexible polyurethane foams meet CertiPUR-USยฎ program standards for content, emissions and durability, and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.
CertiPUR-USยฎ approved foams are:
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (โ€œTrisโ€) Flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
Administered by a not-for-profit organization, CertiPUR-USยฎ is a cortication program for flexible polyurethane foam used in bedding and upholstered furniture. For technical criteria and a list of participating companies, please visit
CertiPUR-USยฎ is a registered certification mark of the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc. which administers the program.

Try For 100 Nights

If the SONU Sleep System somehow isn't for you, let us know and we'll come and get it.

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