SONU was founded by business partners and friends, Stason Strong and Brad Hall. Stason is an engineer, inventor and serial entrepreneur with a meticulous eye for design, while Brad Hall is a CEO and business guru with a background in the medical field and a talented mind for efficiency. The two, with their complementary skill sets, have formed multiple successful businesses together, and both have always taken note of their quality of sleep and the immediate effects it has on their creativity, productivity and overall performance during the business day, as well as their general happiness, liveliness and physical health. Stason and Brad determined that in order to more thoroughly conquer all of their goals, they needed to attain consistent and fully rejuvenating, top quality sleep.

The SONU Sleep Company Founders, Stason Strong and Brad Hall, next to a king size SONU Sleep System mattress in a contemporary bedroom.

Many factors go into the quality and effectiveness of a night’s rest - comfort, temperature, noise and stress levels all play large rolls in a sleeper’s abilities the following day. As noise and stress levels are only solved on a case by case basis, the founders set their sights on extreme physical comfort by researching the reasons most sleepers never attain motionless slumber with an optimal sleeping position that lasts through the night. The problem has quite literally been right under us the entire time - the traditional flat mattress.

The mattress, in one form or another, has been around since the start of human history – created first by our early ancestors gathering β€œbedding” tens of thousands of years ago, and slowly improved on ever since, including the elevated sleeping structures of the ancient Egyptians and Romans, the ornate straw filled furniture of the Renaissance, and the factory-produced beds in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. Since the introduction of coil spring technology in the 1870s, the mattress has not changed much; even to present day. Materials are constantly updated, accompanied by claims of newfound comfort, but the mattress has always been just a spongy flat rectangle… until now.
β€œThe world has been sleeping on flat beds for centuries, but the human body is not flat...”
β€œIt is now time for a change.”
The Patented SONU Sleep System Mattress with Comfort Channel and Support Pillows against black background.
After much research, countless development iterations and thorough testing, Stason and Brad have pinpointed the problems with the traditional flat mattress design... and solved them. The SONU Sleep System was born. Never before have sleepers been able to fully immerse into the mattress. The patented Comfort Channel and layered Support Pillow system allow for the full range of motion of shoulders and arms within the bed, not just on top. Molding to the sleeper’s unique shape and desired position, the system greatly reduces pressures that have long thought to be unavoidable. Couples enjoy sleeping and embracing without undesirable pressure on arms caused by traditional mattresses. Side-sleepers benefit from not needing to roll-over to relieve pressure on arms and shoulders constantly, resulting in sound sleep throughout the night. Joint and muscle pain, chronic discomfort and injuries in the neck, arms, shoulders and chest can be greatly reduced by SONU's unique immersive support system. The sides of the Comfort Channel also act as hand supports when holding a device or book, reducing hand and wrist tension when reading and watching. Sleepers who snore on their backs can finally roll to the side to help alleviate snoring without the discomfort traditionally experienced. The founders identified each of these goals and created the SONU Sleep System to address them all.

The name β€œSONU” was derived from the word β€œsono” which means β€œslumber” in Portuguese. While Stason was in Brazil in 2014, he first came up with the idea of a bed that allows sleepers’ limbs to immerse into the mattress to alleviate discomfort and elevate quality of rest. Years later, after teaming up and perfecting the design, Stason and Brad named the company β€œSONU", commemorating the location of the idea’s first inception, with the root word in Portuguese, while swapping in the letter β€œU” to create their own unique ending to symbolize the shape of the company’s patented Comfort Channel.

The founders and the entire team here at SONU now invite you to experience an entirely new world of relieving rest and satisfying comfort. It is finally time to sleep like never before...
Everyone Loves Their SONUs
Didn't realize what good sleep was!!

For years, I thought I was getting decent sleep. The Sonu has opened my eyes!! WORTH IT

Orin B.
Thank YOU!!!! Best mattress out there.

After being a gymnast for 15 years, I haven't felt this much relief from the pain in my shoulders and my hips while sleeping!! Thank you!

Steph C.
Our whole house is sporting SONU now!

We enjoyed our first SONU mattress so much that we replaced our other bedrooms with SONU's as well. These mattresses are amazing!!!

Pedro T.

So I actually own one of these. It's AMAZING. Yes it will take you a few weeks to get "used" to it, because at first the sensation is not unlike feeling as if your about to fall off the bed. But that said, you will be AMAZED at how great your shoulders feel in the morning. Just unreal. Like sleep a full 8 hours without waking up type of sleep.

Jason R.
Buffalo, NY
SONU - you guys rock!!

I had numerous questions before deciding to purchase! Their chat support quickly answered all my questions! Easy peasy!

Sarah M.
If you read on your phone or tablet in the bed, you need this!

I can comfortably rest my arm in the support channel while reading my tablet at night. This mattress is the absolutely best.

Matthew R.
Best Wedding Present Ever

My husband and I are absolutely loving this mattress! Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

Lauren S.
This mattress lives up to the hype!!!

This comfort channel is next level. I never imagined that I would be able to put my arm in the mattress! Takes all the pressure off my shoulder!!

Kim J.
Unbeleivably cozy!!

This mattress is made for my body! I haven't had great sleep like this in years.

Rosie M.

I have a 'frozen shoulder' I’m dealing with, and with my new Sonu Cali King I’m able to sleep on my left side without any pain! It’s great! Highly recommend this new way to sleep!

Larry H.
Photo of the SONU Sleep System from the foot of the mattress with light and dark grey fabric on a black background.
Learn about the reasons we created this unique sleep system, how your old mattress falls short, and the game changing benefits that you'll enjoy every day with a SONU.
Read this informative article and others on our blog, Comfort & Slumber, by The SONU Editorial Team.
β€œThe SONU mattress allows for dramatic improvement in ergonomic support, resulting in better sleeping patterns, and an increase in the patient’s comfort and overall wellbeing.”
- Dr. James Hogan
Chiropractic Physician
Los Angeles, California
Read more about Dr. Hogan and how The SONU Sleep System can help you in the same ways as his patients.
Computer rendering of man with glowing red shoulder pain on blue background.
Photo of the SONU Comfort Insert Pillow in dark grey fabric on a black background.
The SONU Comfort Insert fills in one side of the Comfort Channel, making the SONU Sleep System more akin to a flat mattress, but still with give for your shoulders. This versatility can be helpful for many scenarios including couples who sleep differently from one another (e.g. a side sleeper and a back sleeper) and for those who simply prefer less space in the Comfort Channel.
We have partnered with SleePare mattress stores so you can try The SONU Sleep System firsthand at these locations...
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Los Angeles, California
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Tysons, Virginia
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Samantha L. our problems are solved

Mandy E.

OMG. I'm going to cry with joy!!! I am ordering this NOW!

Jason R.

I need this more than anything I've ever needed

Stephanie B.

I need this asap


Clark.... I'm done looking... This is the one

Jennifer A.

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LMAO!! Man this is nuts.. I’ll take two!

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whoever designed this needs a special place in heaven lol

Antuwan C.

omg I've been thinking about detachable arms since I was a kid!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tara F.

My shoulder start crying tears of joy when i seen this


@marc.munoz.77 Finally something for folks with broad shoulders who want to sleep on the side.


This is the mattress of my dreams. 😭😭


Milton B. we've talked about this kind of bed for years!

Leslie A.

Cynthia A. my dream bed

Cameron S.

Looks like a really really really good idea

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Pretty sure i invented this in my head 20 years ago 🀣🀣 looks awesome!

Sandy C.

Baye C. I’ve dreamed of this

Mollie B.

Zach F. the perfect mattress

Ali F.

Eric D. This is the best idea ever πŸ‘Œ

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I need this!!!!!! My arm hurts or is asleep every morning!!!!

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Jake - Game changer! 😳😍

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Cody M. omg.. this is literally exactly what I need 😩

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Genius. Seriously what I've wanted.

Hailey M.

Curtis S. babe I need this for when I’m big spoon πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜

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Omg what a great idea. No I can sleep on my belly without my arms all weird under me 🀣

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I need this I’m tired of numb arm πŸ˜‚


Baby I need this for my shoulder so we can cuddle! Kim L.

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.....that's AWESOME. 😍 I've been thinking about this since I was a kid and now it exists! Neat. 😁


Tristan D. LOOK you can snuggle me all night now not just til I'm sleeping πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

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I need this bad. I'm tired of my arms falling asleep

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