Get The Most Out of Your SONU
Now that you have the absolute best tool to reduce pressures and increase your comfort, let us show you how to use it to achieve deep sleep every night.
Congratulations on taking the first step towards relieving pressure on your upper body, better breathing and truly deep sleep! Let us walk you through how to set up and use your new SONU Sleep System properly in order to get the best results, find the best positions and enjoy the best sleep of your life.

For unboxing and initial setup instructions please follow the guide that came with your SONU, or visit the Get Started page. Please note that in some instances it can take up to 48 hours for your new SONU to assume its full shape after unboxing. Once your mattress is ready and installed in your bedroom, please proceed to the following steps to get the most out of your SONU.

1. Get Set Up - Select The Right Top Pillow
Two SONU Top Pillow Deluxes in white and dark grey sitting on top of the Support Pillows in the Comfort Channel of the SONU mattress
After you have unwrapped and positioned your new mattress in your bedroom make sure you select the right type of top pillow. When we say ‘top pillow’, we’re referring to a pillow similar to the one you’re used to sleeping on with your old mattress. For it to be compatible with your new SONU mattress, the top pillow can’t be too firm or bulky. The reason for this is the Comfort Channel of the SONU allows your arms to sink below the surface of the mattress, so your head and neck do not require the same amount of clearance as on your old mattress. So make sure you have a top pillow on the thinner, softer side so your neck remains straight and flat. We have designed the SONU Top Pillow Deluxe to be paired precisely with the SONU mattress - so If your existing top pillow is making your neck uneven by being too bulky, we highly recommend upgrading.

Once you have the right top pillow, place it on top of the Support Pillows that are in the Comfort Channel. You're now ready to find your most comfortable sleeping position!

Important: Do not put pillowcases on the Support Pillows that came with your SONU, as they already have their own covers with hidden zippers for easy removal, washing and customizing of the foam layers within if needed.

2. Get Comfortable - Find Your Sleeping Position
Photo of a female sleeper laying in the SONU mattress with her arm in the Comfort Channel while hugging a top pillow with cream sheets and pillowcases
When climbing into bed, get into your usual sleeping position you’ve grown accustomed to on your old traditional mattress. The SONU was primarily designed for side sleeping, so if you're a side sleeper, try extending your arm that’s normally pressed to the surface of your old flat mattress down into the Comfort Channel, in the gap between the lower edge of the channel and the lower edge of the Support Pillows. This space allows relief from the otherwise constant pressure on your shoulder, neck and chest, resulting in better breathing and a higher level of comfort throughout the night.

We recommend two top pillows for each sleeper at all times. During side sleeping, place one pillow on an angle to bridge the Channel gap while supporting your head, neck and upper torso, and the other pillow can be hugged with your arm that’s above the Channel and/or placed to provide cushioning between your knees.

Important: Depending on the style of your old mattress and what you have grown accustomed to, it can take some time for your body to adjust to the new feel and much needed new space provided by the SONU that your body has never experienced before. So please be patient and allow at least a week or two to get used to your SONU, as it will be well worth it once your body adjusts to the reduction of pressures, resulting in deeper sleep every night.

3. Get Creative - Position Your Arms & Top Pillow
Photo of a male sleeper with his arm in the Comfort Channel of the SONU mattress and head on a top pillow with white sheets and pillowcase
When placing your arms within the Comfort Channel keep in mind you can rotate them side to side and up and down for full range of motion in order to find your most comfortable spot. The Support Pillows are malleable so you can squeeze and mold them into your desired position. Get creative - put one pillow below your arm and the other above, so you're hugging both the top Support Pillow and your Top Pillow at the same time. Don't be shy - push the Support Pillows to make room where your body needs it and they will, for the most part, stay in that position while your body is applying pressure on them.

After a short while it will be second nature for your body to greatly enjoy this custom space you create with your Support Pillows - so much so that when you visit a flat mattress at a hotel, for example, you will certainly be dreaming of returning to your SONU!

Important: Rotate your main top pillow so that it supports your upper torso and your head at the same time. This technique will also bridge the gap between the Support Pillows and the side of the Comfort Channel, so you will be comfortably and evenly cradled while your arms enjoy the room within the Comfort Channel that they've always needed.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time for clarification regarding these steps, or any other questions you may have. Our diligent customer service team is standing by via the Contact page.

From all of us here at SONU Sleep, we thank you for taking the leap with us to a new level of comfort and truly rejuvenating rest. We know you and your body will be thanking us right back in no time.

Sweet dreams,
The SONU Sleep Team
Sleeping Positions & Tips

Side Sleeping

This is what the SONU was designed for. When climbing into bed get into your side-sleeping position you’ve grown accustomed to on your old traditional mattress, only this time extend your arm that’s normally pressed to the surface down into the Comfort Channel, in the gap between the lower edge of the channel and the lower edge of the Support Pillows. This space allows relief from the otherwise constant pressure on your shoulder, neck and chest, resulting in better breathing and a high level of comfort.

We recommend two top pillows for each sleeper at all times. During side-sleeping place one pillow on an angle to bridge the Channel gap while supporting your head, neck and upper torso, and the other pillow can be hugged with your arm that’s above the channel and/or placed to provide cushioning between your knees.

Position I - Your lower arm extends parallel to the Comfort Channel with your armpit over the top edge, your elbow, bent at about 90 degrees, rests at the bottom of the channel while your wrist rests against the upper side wall of the channel. This position is comfortable for sleeping, but also ideal for using a device or reading a book as your hands are free while being comfortably supported.

Position II - Similar to Position I, except your lower forearm is rotated toward the backboard of the Comfort Channel, below both of the Support Pillows, at about a 45-degree angle from the lower edge of the Channel. This position helps open your shoulders, straightening your spine, and allowing more space for your chest, making an excellent position for sound sleep.

Position III - Similar to Position II, except your elbow is bent at about 100 degrees enabling your forearm to raise above the lower Support Pillow, but still below the upper Support Pillow, making both Support Pillows into a kind of opposing triangles structure – very comfortable for upper back and shoulder relief while sleeping.


When climbing into bed with your partner try side-sleeping while facing the same direction, or more commonly referred to as “spooning”. The Comfort Channel finally makes this position uniquely comfortable, convenient and satisfying, allowing deep sleep while in this position that normally causes discomfort and less circulation in the arms for one or both sleepers. Position yourselves so that your heads flank the center gap between the two stacks of Support Pillows, allowing each of you to assume side-sleeping positions I, II or II, as described at the top of this page. The “big spoon” can also use the center gap space for an additional arm position for further aeration, with the elbow at the base of the Channel and the wrist at the top of the center gap.

We recommend two top pillows for each sleeper at all times, so four total when sleeping with your partner. During “spooning”, use one pillow for your head and the additional pillow between your knees or next to you, ready to be hugged if rolling to the other side.

Back Sleeping

Before climbing into bed make sure to place one top pillow over the lower edge gap of the Comfort Channel. This will bridge the space and provide a level sleeping area that you can adjust to support your head and neck at the desired height for maximum back sleeping comfort.

We recommend two top pillows for each sleeper at all times. During back-sleeping the additional pillow can be used to further prop up your upper back and head area or to elevate your knees for better breathing throughout the night.

Sitting Up

When climbing into bed to watch television, use a device or read a book, sitting up with pillows behind your back is a popular position. We recommend placing at least two pillows behind your back, making sure you’re not sitting on top of the Support Pillows, as well as one pillow above the lower Comfort Channel gap for extra lower back support.

For added comfort an additional pillow can be placed below the knees. We also highly recommend the use of an adjustable foundation for sleepers that often enjoy sitting up, as the need for placing all of these pillows, as described above, is eliminated. The SONU is compatible with any foundation that moves in this fashion to aid in sitting up.

Stomach Sleeping

When climbing into bed get into your stomach-sleeping position you’ve grown accustomed to on your old traditional mattress, only this time allow your shoulders to relax that are normally overextended, by placing your arms down into Comfort Channel. Make a diamond shape with your arms around your head while resting your forearms one layer down on top of the Support Pillow second from the top.

We recommend two top pillows for each sleeper at all times. During stomach-sleeping, use one pillow for your head and the additional pillow next to you, ready to be hugged if rolling to the side.

Note - The SONU's Comfort Channel system is advantageous to stomach sleepers in the same way as side sleepers. Instead of having to overextend shoulders to lay flat, a stomach sleeper can immerse their arms below the surface to alleviate pressures and tensions that are unavoidable with all other mattresses. It is also important to note that stomach sleepers generally benefit from firmer mattresses to prevent arching of the lower back. As the SONU's Sink-In support system is on the softer side to allow side sleepers' hips to be cradled while aligning the spine, the level of firmness in this area may not be optimal for some true stomach sleepers that never shift to their side.

Important Tips

Backboard Support - Make sure that your SONU’s backboard area (the head wall of the Comfort Channel that runs the width of the mattress) is pressed firmly and consistently flush against a solid, flat, supportive, vertical surface (e.g. a wall or sturdy headboard) at all times. This is very important as any inconsistent presence of this backboard support can damage your SONU, resulting in undesirable lack of support for a sleeper and the possible voiding of your SONU’s warranty. To this end, before going to sleep each night, make sure the mattress is pushed against the wall or headboard firmly to ensure your SONU continues to deliver countless nights of ergonomic support, unique levels of comfort and brilliantly deep sleep.

Pillow Rejuvenation - Flip and carefully fluff each Support Pillow before each night’s sleep to help reset their shape after molding to your shape the night prior, and to ensure they continue to consistently provide the desired level of support for your head, neck and shoulders. We also recommend keeping the zippers on the pillowcases facing towards the backboard of the Comfort Channel to minimize any interaction or undesirable contact with them during the night.

Height Adjustment - Customize your head and neck support height by adding or removing layers within the Support Pillows. Open the zipper on back side of each Support Pillows to access the individual foam layers. We recommend altering the height slightly by only adjusting layers in one of the two Support Pillows in each sleeper’s vertical stack. As your SONU continues to mold to your own personal shape over time keep in mind that you can continue to adjust your head height support to compliment any changes in your sleeping positions you may embrace.

Fitting the Fitted Sheet - When positioning the fitted sheet make sure the seam that runs the width of the middle of the bed is parallel with and aligned directly on top of the lower edge of the Comfort Channel. Pull slack from the foot end of the fitted sheet up towards the Channel to allow more space in the corners and more room in the Channel for the Support Pillows and your arms while sleeping.

Mattress Moving - When moving your SONU to a new room, new house, or simply repositioning it after it has been uncompressed and removed from its original delivery packaging, make sure to only grasp the main body area of the mattress, avoiding the Comfort Channel area as its structure can be damaged by applying pressure where it is not designed to be applied. Pushing or pulling the Comfort Channel walls or backboard while moving the mattress can tear the structure and jeopardize the overall performance of your mattress. Be sure to move with care with at least two people – one grasping the foot end and one grasping at least 6 inches below the lower edge of the Comfort Channel.
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