The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
The SONU Adjustable Base
What's Included

Ideal For The SONU Mattress

We highly recommend pairing the SONU mattress with the SONU Adjustable Base to dial in your comfort level even further by adjusting the angle of your head and feet for sleeping or sitting up, for a truly relaxing time in bed.


Precision Quality

Created by the Austrian company, LogicData, each base is made with high quality materials and boasts a weight capacity of 700lbs.


Simple Yet Feature Rich

The wireless remote allows for preset positions, anti-snore, zero-gravity and child lock settings.


Easy Assembly

One person can assemble the entire base in just a matter of minutes and without any tools, as the fasteners are hand turned mounting screws. No heavy lifting or flipping during assembly is required either.


Finished Dimensions

Twin XL: 36.9" x 78.7" x 9.2", Queen: 58" x 78.7" x 9.2", King: 73.9" x 78.7" x 9.2", Cali King: 70" x 82.7" x 9.2" (Height does not include the adjustable legs, which can be removed for zero-clearance / platform bed compatibility.)


10 Year Limited Warranty

Guaranteed high-quality construction that lasts.


Shipping Not Included

As the SONU Adjustable Base is quite heavy, we are unable to provide free shipping for this product. The cost of shipping based on your location will be added upon checkout.


Final Sale

Due to the weight of the shipment, bases are sold as-is and not eligible for return or exchange.

The SONU Adjustable Base

The SONU Adjustable Base is the ideal support system for SONU mattresses. With articulating head up and foot up controls, it is effortless to find the most comfortable and ergonomically supported positions.
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10 Year Warranty
10 Year Warranty
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Thank YOU! Best mattress out there.
β€œAfter being a gymnast for 15 years, I haven't felt this much relief from the pain in my shoulders and my hips while sleeping!! Thank you!”
Steph C.
Highly recommended!
β€œCreates the perfect space for your arm if you're a side sleeper. Changed the way I sleep forever.”
Justin S.
β€œSo I actually own one of these. It's AMAZING. Yes it will take you a few weeks to get "used" to it... But that said, you will be AMAZED at how great your shoulders feel in the morning. Just unreal. Like sleep a full 8 hours without waking up type of sleep.”
Jason R.
Buffalo, NY
β€œI have very bad neck and back issues and this mattress is a dream! If you are a side sleeper you will love it and even if you like to sleep on you back you will love it! Very comfortable and totally worth the money!”
Grace L.
β€œi have suffered from shoulder pain while sleeping for several years, i had just about given up... then i saw this bed and decided one last try. i can't begin to explain what it feels like to sleep through an entire night... for the first time in 20 years the first weekend i had it. I'm so impressed with this bed... because what they are making is making a difference in people's lives.”
Crystal G.
Lives up to the hype
β€œThis comfort channel they made is next level. I never imagined that I would be able to put my arm in the mattress. Takes all the pressure off my shoulder, which I so so need. YES”
Kim J.
Highly recommended!
β€œI’m a side sleeper and I used to wake up with a dead feeling arm from lying on it all night. Finally a mattress with a pocket for my arm. I tried all the pillows and even very expensive mattresses in the past, but nothing cured my circulation problems until I got the sonu sleep mattress. I love it!”
Nic D.
Chicago, IL
β€œ...Sonu mattresses are in a league all by themselves. This is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I have no more shoulder pain and numbness. I can now sleep through the night and not wake up in pain. If anyone is even thinking about getting a Sonu sleep system don’t think anymore. Pull that trigger. I 100% gaurentee you will not be disappointed.”
Christopher B.
Frequently Asked Questions
Twin XL
36.9" x 78.7" x 9.2"

58" x 78.7" x 9.2"

73.9" x 78.7" x 9.2"

Cali King
70" x 82.7" x 9.2"

Height measurements do not include the adjustable legs, which can be removed for zero-clearance / platform bed compatibility.

All dimensions above are in inches and formatted as follows: Width x Length x Height.
Yes, the base can be easily assembled by one person in a matter of minutes, and does not require any heavy lifting or flipping during assembly. No tools are required either as the fasteners are hand turned mounting screws.

Click the following link to view The SONU Adjustable Base Assembly Guide...
Yes, by removing the legs, the base can be used in zero clearance situations such as with platform beds.
Photo of the SONU Sleep System from the foot of the mattress with light and dark grey fabric on a black background.
Learn about the reasons we created this unique sleep system, how your old mattress falls short, and the game changing benefits that you'll enjoy every day with a SONU.
Read this informative article and others on our blog, Comfort & Slumber, by The SONU Editorial Team.
β€œThe SONU mattress allows for dramatic improvement in ergonomic support, resulting in better sleeping patterns, and an increase in the patient’s comfort and overall wellbeing.”
- Dr. James Hogan
Chiropractic Physician
Los Angeles, California
Read more about Dr. Hogan and how The SONU Sleep System can help you in the same ways as his patients.
Computer rendering of man with glowing red shoulder pain on blue background.
Photo of the SONU Comfort Insert Pillow in dark grey fabric on a black background.
The SONU Comfort Insert fills in one side of the Comfort Channel, making the SONU Sleep System more akin to a flat mattress, but still with give for your shoulders. This versatility can be helpful for many scenarios including couples who sleep differently from one another (e.g. a side sleeper and a back sleeper) and for those who simply prefer less space in the Comfort Channel.
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β€œOMG. I'm going to cry with joy!!! I am ordering this NOW!”
Facebook LogoJason R.
β€œThis is the mattress of my dreams. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­β€
Instagram Logo@angelareed05
β€œI need this more than anything I've ever needed”
Facebook LogoStephanie B.
β€œwhoever designed this needs a special place in heaven lol”
Facebook LogoAntuwan C.
β€œMy shoulders start crying tears of joy when i seen this”
Instagram Logo@jondoemrnobody
β€œZach F. the perfect mattress”
Facebook LogoAli F.
β€œI need this!!!!!! My arm hurts or is asleep every morning!!!!”
Facebook LogoRachel S.
β€œJake - Game changer! πŸ˜³πŸ˜β€
Facebook LogoLewis E.
β€œ@marc.munoz.77 Finally something for folks with broad shoulders who want to sleep on the side.”
Instagram Logo@mechkitten
β€œGenius. Seriously what I've wanted.”
Facebook LogoHailey M.
β€œOmg what a great idea. Now I can sleep on my belly without my arms all weird under me πŸ€£β€
Facebook LogoKrissie S.
Made In The U.S.A.
Image of the red, white and blue U.S. flag
The SONU Sleep System was designed and developed in California, and is manufactured only in the United States - made with the highest quality materials and attention to detail for side sleepers everywhere.
* The SONU Sheets, Support Pillowcases and Mattress Protectors are imported products. All other SONU products are made in the United States.
Designed To Work Together
The SONU Sleep System

It is finally time to immerse into comfort, and sleep like never before.

The SONU Sheets

Soft, cooling and sustainable, with the Comfort Channel built in to fit your SONU.

The SONU Top Pillow Deluxe

The perfect amount of support and malleability to complement your SONU.

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